If you’re looking for assistance managing your residential or commercial property, or in running your homeowners or condominium association, we can help you achieve the highest results in receiving the full benefits of owning an investment property. We are a Property Management company.

We apply our skills and experience in solving problems that typically arise in rental properties to ensure both owner and tenant satisfaction. Keeping tenants happy is the key to maximizing the return on your investment.  Click here for your free quote.

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Residential property management can be time-consuming, especially when you aren’t physically close to the location of the property. With the challenging economic conditions in Michigan, more and more property owners are leaving the state for employment reasons. Contract execution, property showings, fee collection, legal issues, maintenance, and general day-today needs of tenants need to be given top priority. Being remotely located can not only be impractical, but it may also hamper the delivery of superior results. Whether you own a single family residence or a multi-unit apartment complex it takes patience and knowledge in dealing with all the intricacies involved.

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